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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#3 Ciate Caviar Nails, Mini Mani Month Mini Calender manicure

My first encounter with Ciate is when I was in Sephora, Singapore. They own one of the cutest pastel colours nail polish and their ribbon packaging look ridiculously sweet. When I look at the price, my heart sank because I know, I would never pay this much for a nail polish. Nehh-vahhh.

Until, I encounter Ciate again, in TK MAxx

* TK MAxx is one of the outlet shop you can find around UK which sells branded good in discounted price, usually they're up to 60% discount. 

It was £42 , TK MAxx price is £20, for 24 Mini bottle of nail polishes. 
Basically I'm paying less than RM10 for a bottle of a better brand nail polish, I'm sucker at this point and I invest in it. Knowing that from that day onwards, I'll stop using Valerie's nail polish. 

I was very excited, because it's in Christmas Advent Calender packaging, which I always wanted to *experience. The idea of Advent Calender Packaging is that everyday you discipline yourself to open one flap according to the date and the number. It's like counting down for Christmas but before that, lemme give you a surprise pressie/goodie everyday.

The truth is, I don't have the mentality to do this, especially when there's nothing worth counting down for. I opened all the flaps, in less than 5 minutes. 

Ohh so happy. Instead of selections of nail polishes, Ciate Calender Manicure comes with Caviar Pearls.

Today I decided to try out the Caviar Nail Polish. I painted on Valerie and Nicky nails. I decided to do one for myself to find out the ease of doing caviar nails, alone.

Here's a short tutorial that I learn from some Guru's on Youtube and I decided to film and import them as GIF. I actually miss filming videos. 

First thing first, you paint your nails with your desirable colour,

When it's still wet, you start pouring your caviar pearls on it. I used a small paper cup to gather all the remaining pearls.

A little tips is that rotate your finger so the pearls can stick on to every corner.

Gently press on the caviar pearls so it sticks on the nail polish.

Oh so gentle.

Seal all the side with a top coat, build a transparent shield around it.

Here's the outcome, thanks to my hand model, Valerie, who actually put foundation on her hand. She takes this really seriously that I need to blog this ASAP.


Here's Nicky Caviar Nails,she picked a soft pink and metalic silver pearls on her ring finger.

Here's the outcome. Please don't judge or scold me, It's my first time doing it.


Valerie's nails, Red (Boudoir) with metalic silver pearls. 

I picked the matalic gold pearls to go with the red, which is call Boudoir. Boudoir is one of my favourite nail polish, the red makes my finger looks fairer.


On valerie's other hand, she paint a matte denim blue nail polish from H&M and Midnight in manhattan caviar pearls on her ring finger.

It was rather easy to do a caviar nails, I thought It would be hard since I have no talent in doing manicure, turns out to be perfectly fine. The hardest part was actually photographing them. I spent really long getting the right angle which I gave up after trying. 


I'm actually not a big fan for Caviar nails, I thought they look rather disgusting that reminds me of bug eggs. Now it's on my hand, It's not that I can't stop admiring it, but realizing that I just tried things that I don't fancy.  Now I'm feeling like there's mini golden eggs stuck on both my ring fingers and hoping that they don't fall out. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

#2 The China and Malaysia homecook farewell dinner

Since Nicky a.k.a Nichelle is leaving back to Malaysia real soon, we, Nicky, Valerie and me decided to cook a farewell dinner instead of going out for a meal. Speaking of cooking, both of them are way better cook than I am so I thought I would give cooking a pass and wash the dishes. 

The day before we're planning the menu, then Valerie shouted at me


Of course, I gave her this face. 

Then I pointed to Nicky

" Nichelle can cook good Malaysian meal! "

The story is, I've been promising to cook Valerie a Malaysia meal ( by using packet mix I brought all the way from home, mega cheat, at least there's something ). I thought someday while we're staying together I'll cook her something, but no, I didnt. Now is the best chance I push this responsibility to someone who knows better, Nicky. Kindly, she said she's gonna cook Malaysia's Curry for all of us. heh.

It taste just as good as mummy chua's one. 

nicky even prepare starter wtf. 
Slice potato top with lemon marinated shrimps. See, I told you nicky is good with food.

On the other hand, we got Valerie who's cooking her CHINA chinese meal.

As someone who's watching and helping both of them to prep and cook, it's like watching 2 people from different country battling in masterchef INTERNATIONAL wtf.

Val's starter, I don't know what is this but it's ridiculously appetizing.

and her infamous Spicy Chicken. Infamous because previously in our old flat, everyone constantly praise this dish. I secretly thinks that sometimes people wanna cook and eat with her is because of this dish. 

Both of them cooked an amazing dinner, I'm pretty bless having both of them cooking food for me.
But just a suggestion, don't watch 'The Mist' while eating because some scene are just plain disgusting. There goes our last meal of 3 of us together. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

#1 Betty Crocker Red Velvet Mix

I was utterly sad for no reason on of those day that I decided to bake all my sorrow away. 
I love red velvet cake so I decide to bake one. I bought Betty Crocker's cake mix and icing from Tesco since I don't want to go tru those hassle measuring flours and getting excessive amount of cocoa powder which I know I won't be using them as often as I should. Of all the reason, the main reason is that I'm lazy.

All i need to do is add in the wet ingredient, 3 eggs, oil and water. I got a small mould from the Poundland, I baked 3 batches, imagine the time consume.

Just me frosting the cake with the pre-made cream cheese Icing, Incase you guy thought I bought the cake from a cake shop.

And this is the final Product, I cut the top part and chop them into tiny cubes to decorate them on top. My little leaning red velvet cake.

The picture above taken by Galaxy Note 3, which I personally thinks that the phone takes really good picture especially under good lighting.

On the other hand, This is taken by Nikon DSLR. 

My verdict on my self bake Red Velvet Cake? 
It taste just as good as others, probably mine is better than the one in Tesco. I will definitely bake this again in future when I'm unreasonably sad because after having one slice, I definitely felt so much better. Perhaps I'll be a little bit challenging in future and bake a red velvet cake from scratch. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Random Purchase

Was browsing some old photos and I stumble upon these photo, which create this post.
I hate wasting money buying something I don't need. But sometimes I end up buying the random thing that I don't really need at all.

 Here's a Pyramid Cheese Grater with Mr Tofu. Just to show you how TINY it is.
The thing is, I bought it because it so cute, and the color reminds me of My TOFU.  photo happyhe0.gif

I was AMAZE , I just cant wait to bring my cheese grater out and buy some cheese from Tesco and shamelessly shred those cheese into my mouth, LIVE.

Who's your god now? photo tuzki_006.gif

Ok, it didnt happen. now my Cheese grater is in my cupboard and I don't bother using them anymore. It's kinda small and shredding a cheese never been so troublesome. 
I bought them during sales.
It was 4pounds, I bought it for 3.20pounds, which I think it was the best purchase of all. Until I walk into Wilkinson recently and found a bigger and user friendly cheese grater for 3 pounds only.
 photo tuzki_010.gif

The next one would be a mixer bowl. Which I bought from tesco for 6pounds. It comes with a Spatula and scone mixer.

Ohh so pweety! Why did I buy this again?

Photographing? Yes yes, look how pretty they turn out #wtf.
Have I bake the scone yet? hahahaha, no   photo tuzki_010.gif

I love Sugar, I need sugar for my tea and coffee and I take them almost everyday. 
To show people how much I take my usage of SUGAR seriously, I bought a Sugar Jar to store them. Finally, there's something worth paying for.

Lastly, My small little pink knife from Kitchen Craft.

 photo tuzki_024.gif

The best knife cause serve me well. It comes with sheath. Bringing out with me has never been a problem. Stabbing people now has become convenient. Now why am I here again.

Ok that's all for today post. I'm pretty tired now since I start my Internship. I'll blog more often now, because I need a life.