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Monday, September 1, 2014

Betty Crocker Red Velvet Mix

I was utterly sad for no reason on of those day that I decided to bake all my sorrow away. 
I love red velvet cake so I decide to bake one. I bought Betty Crocker's cake mix and icing from Tesco since I don't want to go tru those hassle measuring flours and getting excessive amount of cocoa powder which I know I won't be using them as often as I should. Of all the reason, the main reason is that I'm lazy.

All i need to do is add in the wet ingredient, 3 eggs, oil and water. I got a small mould from the Poundland, I baked 3 batches, imagine the time consume.

Just me frosting the cake with the pre-made cream cheese Icing, Incase you guy thought I bought the cake from a cake shop.

And this is the final Product, I cut the top part and chop them into tiny cubes to decorate them on top. My little leaning red velvet cake.

The picture above taken by Galaxy Note 3, which I personally thinks that the phone takes really good picture especially under good lighting.

On the other hand, This is taken by Nikon DSLR. 

My verdict on my self bake Red Velvet Cake? 
It taste just as good as others, probably mine is better than the one in Tesco. I will definitely bake this again in future when I'm unreasonably sad because after having one slice, I definitely felt so much better. Perhaps I'll be a little bit challenging in future and bake a red velvet cake from scratch. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Random Purchase

Was browsing some old photos and I stumble upon these photo, which create this post.
I hate wasting money buying something I don't need. But sometimes I end up buying the random thing that I don't really need at all.

 Here's a Pyramid Cheese Grater with Mr Tofu. Just to show you how TINY it is.
The thing is, I bought it because it so cute, and the color reminds me of My TOFU.  photo happyhe0.gif

I was AMAZE , I just cant wait to bring my cheese grater out and buy some cheese from Tesco and shamelessly shred those cheese into my mouth, LIVE.

Who's your god now? photo tuzki_006.gif

Ok, it didnt happen. now my Cheese grater is in my cupboard and I don't bother using them anymore. It's kinda small and shredding a cheese never been so troublesome. 
I bought them during sales.
It was 4pounds, I bought it for 3.20pounds, which I think it was the best purchase of all. Until I walk into Wilkinson recently and found a bigger and user friendly cheese grater for 3 pounds only.
 photo tuzki_010.gif

The next one would be a mixer bowl. Which I bought from tesco for 6pounds. It comes with a Spatula and scone mixer.

Ohh so pweety! Why did I buy this again?

Photographing? Yes yes, look how pretty they turn out #wtf.
Have I bake the scone yet? hahahaha, no   photo tuzki_010.gif

I love Sugar, I need sugar for my tea and coffee and I take them almost everyday. 
To show people how much I take my usage of SUGAR seriously, I bought a Sugar Jar to store them. Finally, there's something worth paying for.

Lastly, My small little pink knife from Kitchen Craft.

 photo tuzki_024.gif

The best knife cause serve me well. It comes with sheath. Bringing out with me has never been a problem. Stabbing people now has become convenient. Now why am I here again.

Ok that's all for today post. I'm pretty tired now since I start my Internship. I'll blog more often now, because I need a life.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Wilko Cafe Cream Scone

You know my unconditional love for Mr ToFu.
Bought 2 boxes of strawberry and some of the huge strawberries looks like a heart shape, being self proclaim Hipster Asian I just need to photograph this. I swear by I'm gonna regret doing such hipster thing when I reach the age of 30 and I just cant wait to delete all those vain photo from the internet.

It was a stressful Friday which I screw up so many stuff. 
It all got better when I met Lorraine at the bus stop and after her presentation, I decided to treat her some cakes for her birthday replacement.

The thing I hate about Sunderland is that most of the shop closes at 5p.m. Some shop/cafe closes earlier than they should. Yes, I'm talking about 1 of the cafe call Old Vestry Tea Room, I reached there at 4.15p.m and they're already close. Where their website/social media states that they close at 5pm. So unhappy =(

End up bringing Lorraine to Wilko Cafe since they don't close that early.

It's my second time here and I love their Cappuccino and Latte. Price are reasonable too.
Pastry wise it's just alright.
I'm craving for creams again so I got a cream scone, which taste delightful. Perfect for tea time.

My cream scone and my cappuccino.

Lorraine got the same stuff. She's really happy that her presentation ended. Which kinda conclude her third year in Uni. I'm gonna miss her when she's gone. 

Night time I went over nichelle's place to discuss about trips and bills and etc.
This is a casual contract between us because we found an 'ATAS' ( high end ) Condo for our summer stay and we need to stay with each other so we can afford our accommodation bills. 

Until, her boyfriend mention about other accommodation which is cheaper and nichille got this 0.0009 seconds tempted to back out face and ditching me alone paying such expensive bill alone, I force her to sign it. This is my proof. Sometimes, my casualness can be serious. Oh wait, there's some writing error on the contract, I meant back OUT not back up. wtf fml. In my defense I did this less than 1 minute feeling anxious and worry.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Whitley Bay Pantrinis Fish and Chips, Di Moe's Italian Ice cream, and St Sushi Burger

Why Hello, Life's been pretty chilling and hectic lately. Chilling cause it's holiday, Hectic cause I'm moving out from my accommodation soon that I need to pack my messy room. Along with planning trips and everything. Now this is the process of growing up, You Deal with EVERYTHING NOW. 

Yesterday was pretty well spent day. I travel down to Newcastle for my book crits at Cravens Agency. It was my first crits and it went pretty well :D. 
If you don't know, Book crits is basically you put some of your good work ( I'm advertising student so mine is mostly campaign and advert) inside a folder and went to an advertising agency and spend few minutes having the director to look at your work. 
So the Director pretty much give his comment or feedback about your work and after that you can possibly discuss about having a placement there. 

After the book critics session, I travel back Monument to grab brunch with my babe.
I wanted to get western or Spanish food but there's too many around that we couldn't make up our mind.
So we ended up at St Sushi again 

Oh yes, my beer. and photo bomber.

That sudden urge of having Tofu so we ordered one. Yes, I eat tofu now. I'm letting them in my life slowly.

Speaking of the crave for burger,.... DON'T.ORDER.THAT. When you're in Japanese restaurant.
JUST.DON'T. and Order a bento or ramen or udon please.

It's like going to KFC and get a salad, or more precisely going to Chinese Restaurant and order fish and chips.

In fact the burger was alright, but I don't enjoy it. 
: ( 

After having a shopping session and we decided to travel down to Whitley Bay.

Nichelle, poser yo. 

Selfie of me, cause I look ridiculously horrible in other photo. This portrait is to deceive you Internet people that I actually look decent 

The Figure 8 bench

Rainbow Wheel

The purpose of traveling down to Whitley Bay is to had their Fish and Chips & Ice Cream.
During February I've been traveling down to Whitley Bay for assignment project and I cant believe It's June already.

So here we are at Pantrinis Fish and Chips near the Spanish City.

Ohh, the way I look at my Fish and Chips.

So far this is the best Fish & Chips I had in UK. 
Their fish is really fresh and the batter is crunchy enough for my liking.
The Cons about Pantrinis Fish and Chips is that you have to pay for sauce. 
Only Salt, Vinegar and Tap water are free.
But then again, the fish is good enough to eat it with salt and vinegar, or alone.
They give generous amount of fries too.

So after having our satisfying meal I need to get my ice cream.
I've been eating loads of ice cream lately even the weather is not behaving. 
Back in Malaysia it's so warm that I don't actually bother having ice cream at all.
Now it's cold and ice cream what I really crave for. The irony. 

Sometimes I wish I could look at people like how I look at my food 

babe got a small cup of ice cream instead of cone.

I had Spanish Spilt, which consist of White Chocolate and Raspberry flavor. 
It Taste So Good and made me a happy fat child.

This is my second time buying Di Moe's Ice cream.
It's an Italian Ice cream shop next to Pantrinis and  people around just go there for ice cream. Kids playing scooter stop there for an ice cream, teenager, adults, elderly. 
Now If I travel down to Whitley Bay, I need to get their Ice cream.

After our delightful meal and walking around the bay enjoying the north, we hop on the metro back to Sunderland. 

In Holy Island, went for a One day trip with the Student Union for the first time.
Should blog about it soon I guess.