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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Primark Accessories Sales Purchased

I've got enough clothes now that I need to stop myself from buying more of them. To spice my wardrobe up, I decided to haunt for accessories.

Primark is one of my fav place to shop for cheap affordable accessories. Somehow it reminds me of accessories sold in Malaysia's night market. But of course, Primark one's is way better if you compare the style and price.

I know Primark are well known for their affordable price, but I'm more of their 'reduction' potential buyer as I don't really pay full price on their product.
Here are some of the stuff I got from Primark accessories area. 

This necklace, £2 ,used to be £5 
goes well with my chiffon shirt and sweater.

Pearl , £2 now. used to be £5

Statement Necklace, for casual days which goes well with my denim and basics shirt £2 .
Original price was £6 . 

deadly affordable I would say. Or am I wrong.

Long pastel pink floral necklace, £1 only. Can't remember the original price
Goes well with my white sweater and shirt too.

To conclude my necklace purchase, yes. I got them all in reduction price, and I will only buy them in reduction price to be honest. At least I manage to save some money.

A set of bracelet with minimal design, which looks fab.

Price is £2.50, my fav so far.

and Rings, It's a set of 8 rings. I split up with Valerie so we pick 4 of our fav ones.
£1.50 for 4 rings.

 I've lost one already when I took them off in the cinema. 

To conclude this post, you can find cheap accessories in Primark. Don't just look at the main accessories section, sometimes the reduction section have nice stuff too, just keep looking. I know many said Primark products are cheap and not durable but in accessories, i don't find their accessories that bad at all.
If Primark is not your cup of tea for accessories choice, Dorothy Perkins has nice accessories with affordable price too.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Can I have a Pepsi Light, please.

Last Saturday I decided to pamper myself with fast food, so I went into King's ( One of the fast food near my house) and order 8 spicy chicken wings and fries. The deal comes with a drink.

' what drink would you like to have?'

*look through the glass, saw range of Pepsi drinks.

'Pepsi Light please'

'you mean DIET PEPSI'

I've no idea.

Anyway, here's my comfort and mega guilty food. 

After haunting for popcorn with the right sweetness in the Supermarket snack section, I've found one which taste just as good as the packaging looks. Uncle Sam's Skinny Popcorn.
Sweet and salty balance each other out and it does taste like popcorns from the Cinema here, just not warm. 
Oh, popcorn in cinema here is awfully expensive, and there's no caramel popcorn here.
*dramatic lighting sound effect from Bollywood movies :(

Weekend Cook: Malaysia's Curry Chicken and Egg Baked Cherry Tomato

First and Foremost, my 10 weeks internship in Sage are over. Now I'm officially back to University Life. 

Second, Malaysia's Curry Chicken

Learnt this from Nicky when she's still around. Of course mine wasnt as good as her. 

I don't know how did I end up with lots of cherry tomato. To finish them I have to cook them. Decided to recycle my Egg Baked recipe and do a Vegetarian version. Content is Potato, spinach, mushroom and lots of cherry tomato.

Still got one small box of cherry tomato and I've got no idea what should i do with them.

and the Outcome. Gorgeous as always.
It's been pretty chill weekend where I decided to use this two days for a good rest.
Tomorrow Is a new beginning i suppose. Happy December.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Weekend Cooks : Oven Baked Cauliflower

I'm happy to announce that cooking is one of my hobby now. 
Wasn't able to cook last weekend because I went for a weekend trip down to Manchester.

This week I went to the farmer's market and manage to get hold of ridiculously cheap cauliflower. Huge and It's only 30pence. Being a cheap ass sucker at that point, I bought it without hesitation.

Once I got home, I got no idea what should I do with it until I decided to use Pinterest for recipe. 

Oven Baked Cauliflower

Olive oil, pepper, salt, Italian Herbs, Basil, Chili Powder. Mixing them around and let them baked in the oven for 20 minutes for 180 Celsius. 

It taste so good for a side dish or appetizer. I just can't wait to make this when there's house party happening.


Greggs Christmas Ring Bun, housemates got it for free.

Almond Cake, £1.80 from one of the bakery in town. 
I miss almond cake ever since I had them in Leed's Trinity Food Court. 
This is just alright, but the one in Trinity Food Court taste so much better.

Look at their generous amount of almond :(