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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Weekend Cooks : Oven Baked Cauliflower

I'm happy to announce that cooking is one of my hobby now. 
Wasn't able to cook last weekend because I went for a weekend trip down to Manchester.

This week I went to the farmer's market and manage to get hold of ridiculously cheap cauliflower. Huge and It's only 30pence. Being a cheap ass sucker at that point, I bought it without hesitation.

Once I got home, I got no idea what should I do with it until I decided to use Pinterest for recipe. 

Oven Baked Cauliflower

Olive oil, pepper, salt, Italian Herbs, Basil, Chili Powder. Mixing them around and let them baked in the oven for 20 minutes for 180 Celsius. 

It taste so good for a side dish or appetizer. I just can't wait to make this when there's house party happening.


Greggs Christmas Ring Bun, housemates got it for free.

Almond Cake, £1.80 from one of the bakery in town. 
I miss almond cake ever since I had them in Leed's Trinity Food Court. 
This is just alright, but the one in Trinity Food Court taste so much better.

Look at their generous amount of almond :(

Durham Town - Lost November Day Part 1

Last autumn, I traveled down to Durham for a one day trip. I've heard wonders about Durham, and the rumours are true, Durham is indeed beautiful. Living in the city of Malaysia for 20 years, I would say Durham is more eye opening compare to Newcastle or Sunderland, including all the country I've visited. The architecture simply reminds me of old movies, especially with the old buildings and the cobblestone / coronation street when you're walking towards the castle. It's almost like what you've seen in Harry Potter Movies.

Took the bus there, this is my drop off stand.

The town of Durham

The Castle View before walking over the bridge.

There is a stair which leads you walking down the side of the river. Seen few old couples walking along the river.

Weather that day was beautiful. Come on, look at the lighting. 

 This is your nature view, incase you don't want to see any castle.
Crossing the bridge will lead you to another side of town in Durham where it's near to the Cathedral Church. The bars, shop, restaurant, cafe here looks more old fashion compare to the other side. To march your way to the Cathedral and Castle, you need to put a lil effort in walking. Trust me, It's worth it.

Shall continue with next post where I visited the Cathedral Church. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Aki Rants Ads (A.R.A): Mulberry #winChristmas advert 2014

Christmas spirits been floating around since Halloween ends. This is the time brands drop the bomb to all the media for their Christmas adverts. Today I decided to pick on Mulberry and talk (perhaps, rant to be exact) about it.

Christmas is about giving and receiving. The advert above is about receiving presents from family members. Yes, you just watched an adult getting pamper by her family, shower with lots and lots of love. Reading the comments in YouTube, I'm pretty aware that most of them are negative. 

The first time I watched it, i thought it was just slightly bad. Not too bad, but just a little bit bad thanks to the appearance of a unicorn.
But to think about it again, It wasn't that bad after all. 
Here's Why :

If, I'm that girl who's receiving all these present, getting a mulberry bag will make me as happy as she reacts. I mean, come on, 

1. A painting of me? 
No, shit no. but thanks, and no.

2. A puppy and he waves.  
Ok, cause I love dogs.

3. Unicorn.
for the love of god, really?
Taking care of a puppy and now a unicorn, no no no.

4. Mulberry bag.

Yes,yes and yes. something that I can use, finally. Not hanging my pictures to creep people out when they visit. No more burden of taking care of a puppy. A unicorn, still. REALLY. This is just temporary hype. Coming back to a mulberry bag, yes. That will put an authentic and happy smile on my face. 

I wouldn't say this is a bad advert, because If I'm that girl, I'll be as happy as she is. It's just being realistic but some might say it's materialistic. One of the comment I've read said Christmas is not about winning, it's the thought that count. To me, among all the presents in the advert, the bag is a thought gift, and a winner.

What do you think?

*Disclaimer : This is just my personal thought. I write this post with no responsibility since the amount of reader I had now is too damn little. But really, It's just a thought ranting how I feel about an advertisement.