Tuesday, October 27, 2015

#27 VCR Black Velvet

Shanon fetch me and HF out for lunch at BBQ plaza, for dessert, we stop by VCR Cafe since it's still a hype around K.L

This is them trying to fake a candid shot. Thought it's fun to record instead of snapping it. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

#23 Cockroach in Xun's room

When I was skyping with Luc, Xun knocked on my bathroom door and asked me to unlock the door and let him in. I ended the call and asked him what does he want, in a grumpy tone. #shittysister.

The he said,

' There's a cockroach in my room....'

'.........Can it fly?'

' Yes.'

For a moment, both of us feel F.M.L

So i handed him the spray (the one that killed the mosquito ) so he can kill the cockroach by making him breath in the toxic and die.

On the other hand, I sacrifice one of japanese magazine so I can hit it when i see it. Like only when i see it.

We both were screaming because the cockroach keeps hopping and flying, Xun keeps screaming while he spray it towards the monster. Until it reach one corner. Quickly I aim and slam my magazine towards it. It died, but still stuck at the side of the door frame.

Xun was too chicken to get rid of the body, so mum did it.
So here's a post of me bravely killed a cockroach.